virtual network operator in an app

Before entering the Polish market, the owner of the operator brand contacted TouK directly and asked for help with creating custom internal solutions. Working closely with Folx's team, we have built a flexible platform deployed in the cloud.

With Folx, we can say that the experience in building and running IT systems for telco operators earned us a new client. TouK provided Folx with a platform including a vast number of components, such as:

  • service subscription handling
  • custom CRM system
  • billing system integrations
  • e-commerce function payments integration
  • back-office CRM application
  • mobile application API and web API
  • back-end system for SIM cards delivery with a mobile application API

TouK had provided Folx with development services and had taken care of service continuity and performance, making sure that Folx's clients got the best service possible until its acquisition by Play at the end of 2018.