MVNO from scratch

custom crm, bss, oss, e-commerce systems

After two years of competing on the Polish telco market, Virgin Mobile, a virtual network operator, decided to renew its offerings and start broad marketing campaigns. The new plans required more flexible core systems.

TouK presented a custom solution based on the Broadleaf e-commerce framework. The operator was provided with a complete CRM/BSS/OSS/e-commerce solution which integrated with the mobile operator's service bus. E-commerce and self-care application APIs were published, and cooperating companies have built desktop and mobile applications. After just three months, the new system was running.

Podejście do projektów IT w Virgin Mobile

The OSS / BSS system was replaced by Virgin Mobile before the relaunch of the brand. The project was carried out, or actually a dedicated solution built, by TouK. The construction of a new system to support Virgin Mobile and the replacement of existing software took just three months.

As business needs change, TouK has provided Virgin Mobile with ongoing development services. We have also taken care of the service continuity and performance, making sure that Virgin Mobile's clients get the best experience possible.