Content Delivery Network

private video on demand & Internet TV content delivery network

For one of the Polish Video on Demand and Internet TV providers, we have replaced a Content Delivery Network. Growing demand for VoD services and even faster growth of our client made it necessary to upgrade the technology. Our client decided to abandon costly external service provider and go with his own CDN solution. The replaced system was built more than a decade ago and could not leverage many than not existing technologies and open source components.

We have built the new private Video on Demand and Internet TV Content Delivery Network using contemporary technology. This project required a very diverse skill set, broader than the usual software development project. We were focused both on cost reduction for the client and service quality improvements, notably during most watched live TV events.

Our solution works efficiently on many levels. We were able to utilize hardware fully, discover and take advantage of changing network configurations in route cost estimations and lessen the demand on the network backbones. We have built high-level components around established technologies like HTTP servers, NoSQL databases, distributed coordination systems. Search and analytics engines enable real-time multidimensional traffic analysis, crucial to QoS monitoring and assurance. We allow for fine-grained content protection, including IP or location-based access control and digital HMAC based URL signatures.

It is a highly optimized implementation based on cutting edge technology stack. It significantly lowers the cost of Point of Presence leases. Thanks to edge nodes autodiscovery, our solution can scale automatically providing high availability and uninterrupted viewing experience.